Why is SEO Important to my Small Business?

You may have asked yourself – “Why is SEO important to my small business? I’ve made a website. I put it out there. It looks good. So, I’m set!”

But, maybe after a month or two, you notice you’re not making any sales or getting much traffic. Maybe you don’t even know how to see your traffic. Maybe you are worried that your site isn’t published. But, no, when you visit your page, you can see it. Everyone else can too, right?

Well, yes and no. Sometimes you publish your page, but it has a “no follow, index” rule on the robots.txt file. Sometimes when developers are just creating your page, they’ll do that so you can review changes, but Google won't index it right away. But then they forget to take it off once the project is done. AND YOUR PAGE NEVER SHOWS UP IN GOOGLE SEARCH! This just happened to one of my new clients – and her website had already been up for 4 years! I told her that the first thing she should do is yell at her web developer. Then, I gave her a game plan about how we would go about getting her started.

Knowing a little bit about SEO as a Small Business Owner is something you owe yourself. You need to know how people are getting to your website. You need to know which landing pages are the most popular and which ones aren’t converting. If you don’t want to pay someone for their services in perpetuity, then learning from someone who knows how is the best way to go.

That’s where I come in. I’m a small business owner. I’ve written a few books. I’ve owned a million websites – and I’ve worked with big-time companies on their SEO strategies and analytics. And I’ll work with you, Small Business Owner, within your budget to get you seen by the audience you care about.

It won’t be all kinds of promises about being on Page 1 of Google. But, a lot of times that happens.

I’ll show you the basics. We’ll partner together. I’ll tell you the SEO rules, and you help me apply them to your brand.

We’ll figure out how to get more links to your website.

We’ll figure out how to better name your Titles & Meta Descriptions to garner traffic

I’ll get you set up on some of the best tools to measure traffic and help you understand how to use them

I’ll write Titles & Meta Descriptions, and you can approve them, or if you want to tweak them, we can talk it through. Oftentimes, I repeat phrases for very specific reasons, so if you change them and don’t tell me, your strategy won’t be as effective.

You’ll know everything I’m doing it working because you’ll have the tools at hand to see your traffic, see the keywords that are working & know how to optimize each one of your blog posts as you write them.

We’ll be a team. And you’ll know all your stats. And your traffic & revenue will grow.

That’s why SEO is important to your small business. SEO = revenue.

Work with me. Order one of my Affordable SEO Packages so we can get started today!