Drive 200% more Traffic with Facebook Boosts

Have you ever created a Facebook Boost, only to find that it got a reach of over 4,000 people, but only about 20 people clicked through to your site? Talk about a horrible click-through-ratio - 0.5%!

I’m going to show you how I worked with a major national retailer to increase their visits from Facebook Boosts by 200% - 300% (depending on the offer). These are real numbers. And it takes a bit of effort on your part, but you can do it as well. Unfortunately, I can't use their graphics, so I just made some of my own. I'm a horrible graphic designer.

Facebook Boosts in the Past:

It used to be in the past that you’d write a post, then add a photo, then add a link where people could click to go to your website. Then you would boost the post! It looked like this:

The issue with this is always, always, always, that people could click the image and it just made the image bigger – clicking on the image didn’t send people to your site. It would send them here:

Then your customers would have to do the work to find your link and then click on it to get to your site (it’s all the way on the top right, underneath the promotional copy).

Luckily, times have changed!

Here’s how to get more traffic to your site in a Facebook Boost:

Step one: Put your Target URL on the Facebook Post you’re going to write. A page preview will pop up with available images on the page.

I want to create a promotional boost that leads people to my Affordable SEO Packages page. So this logo just won’t do.

Step two: Create a 600 X 300 picture for your boost that includes your amazing offer. Please remember that your Facebook boost photo cannot contain more than 20% text. From Facebook:

If you received a warning about text in your ad's image on Facebook, your ad image likely includes more than 20% text (including logos and slogans). To keep ads as high quality and engaging as possible, our general Advertising Policies state that ads may not include more than 20% text in the image.
Before you edit and resubmit your ad, we recommend reviewing Facebook's 20% text policy and/or checking your ad with the grid tool. Keep in mind if your ad is a boosted post, you'll have to delete and repost it for it to be boosted.

To be sure your post contains less than 20% text, use their grid tool.

Step Three: Hide the Ugly Logo in your Post:

Your post will now look like this (very naked):


Step 4: Add your new 600 X 300 promotional image!

Step 5: Delete the URL in your post and replace it with your promotional copy. Don't forget to do this step! Then, hit publish!

Step 6: Now your post will look like this:

And, now, here’s the best part! If you’re WAY better at graphic design than I am, you can boost this post. Everyone who sees it will click on the photo to see what’s going on, and it will take them directly to your website. Directly to your target page. Do not pass go. DO collect $200 (or more)!

And DO get a better CTR (click through rate) from your Facebook Boost.

Try it and let me know if you noticed a big increase to your website traffic from Facebook boosts!