Affordable Small Business SEO Packages

Our Small Business SEO Packages are so affordable because we optimize your site for search, plain and simple. You handle the blog content, the social media and the link building. We just make sure the people you care about can find you online! 

What's the point of creating a website and opening a business if nobody can find you?

We use Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tools, MOZ, SEMrush and more, to review your website. We then will write all Page Titles and Meta Descriptions for your site, add them to the back end, and tweak the strategy for up to 30 days to ensure maximum optimization for your area. This can include adding a Google My Business Page and a Bing Places page to help your customers find you locally. 

Once we've written up a strategy and put the content on your site, we will submit it to search engines, and monitor your site to ensure that Google and other search engines are indexing your pages. With the extra information from search metrics, we can see how people are getting to specific landing pages, and sometimes even change up the strategy to optimize your pages even more.

We will provide regular traffic reports, and inform you from which terms you rank on Page One of Google!  If you're happy with the basic visibility we've provided, then you can choose to walk away after 30 days. And if you'd like to build more landing pages, work on new blog ideas, or even just optimize more, you can pay us on an hourly consulting basis for future advice.

Most Search Firms will charge you a retainer and continually optimize your site every single month, create blogs, tweet for you, and even maintain your Adwords campaigns. This is a great business model for businesses with enough capital to pay $5,000 a month and really get your site out there. The issue lies in the fact that many start-ups and small business owners can't afford it.

We understand your worries as small business owners. You've built a website. You just want people to find you. We help inform your basic strategy, set you up on various directories, and make sure your customers can find you. It's simple. From there, as your business grows, you can hire us to perform more optimization on a regular retainer basis, or you can seek out a big-time SEO firm to help you as you gain momentum and budget. 

As you think about adding more pages or services, we want to be the first firm you call. That's how great we want our working relationship to be. We want to be your trusted go-to resource on all things Search Engine Optimization. And we want you to feel free to ask questions, even if you think they are silly.

Our packages start at $1000, so be sure that's within your budget before we get on a call. If that's out of scope for you right now, why don't you consider our SEO Bootcamp where experts will train you on SEO, Social Media and Adwords, so you can do it yourself? 

A great partnership and no monthly retainer. What are you waiting for? Let's get started on your small business SEO needs right now! Contact us or schedule your FREE SEO Consultation today!