SEO Packages Chicago

Want more traffic to your website? Start by browsing our SEO Packages in Chicago. Then let's set up a free SEO consultation.

We'll review your website and talk about all your needs.We'll answer all your questions.We'll put together an SEO quote that meets your specific needs and budgets. Packages start at $500. Our Engagements Typically last 30-90 days & that is wholly dependent on the size of your website.

Chicago SEO Packages for Small Businesses

As part of your free consultation, we’ll speak on the phone to discuss your business goals with SEO and answer any questions you may have about the process. Depending upon what you already have set up (Google My Business Page, directory listings, social media), we can work with you to be sure you have all the free tools at your fingertips to help your business get noticed on Google and Bing.

The amount you pay for SEO and the time you spend on an engagement with our company will be directly related to the number of pages on your website, how many errors our technical audit turns out, and myriad other factors. Most of our quotes begin at $500 and can go all the way up to $5,000. If this is out of your price range, you may want to consider attending our SEO Bootcamp.

  • We’ll perform a competitive analysis on up to 3 competitors

  • We’ll perform keyword research to be sure you’re seen online

  • We’ll write targeted Titles and Meta Descriptions for every page on your website

  • We’ll advise on on-page copy that can help you rank higher

  • We’ll advise on link-building strategies to help your website earn higher authority (we do not specialize in link-building at this agency, but will be happy to point you in a few directions)

  • After approval from you, we’ll implement the strategy on your website

  • Once the strategy is implemented, we will monitor it for 30 days

After 30 days, you can choose to remain with us on a retainer basis, or we will end the project and you can choose to rehire us on an as-needed basis.

We need the following tools in order to work on any website: Google Search Console and Google Analytics. They are free and relatively easy to implement. We can set these up for you with access to your website. We can also show you how to use them to track your traffic in the future.

We use industry tools like MOZ, SEMrush, ScreamingFrog, Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics to ensure you're getting the most out of your site. 

Costs include everything stated above, and are based on the number of pages you have on your website. These can vary based on what you’re trying to accomplish. In our consultation, we will inform you of the number of pages you have on your site and the best way to optimize within your budget. 

Ask us how you can save 10% on your quote!